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Users Management

Users Management

View access

If your site has public status, all of users has access to view it. The situation is different when site has private status, then you have to add specific user and give him VIEW permission.

Edit access

Independently from your site status, nobody has access to edit it until you give them permission.

Give permissions

After you invite users to your site, they got an email with invitation. If they don't have account on Mercury Cloud, they can sign up and then they got access which you gave them.

Sign in Mercury Cloud

Sign in: Mercury Cloud (opens in a new tab)

Open Users panel

You can do it by clicking Users in navbar:

Open the Users Management panel.

Choose site

Choose site where you want to give permissions.

Choice of the site.

Invite users

Open invitation panel

You can do it by clicking Invite new user button:

Open invitation panel

Enter email and choose permission

Enter user email and choose which right you want to give him.

Invitation panel


After you did everything you have to confirm it. Do it by clicking OK button:


Users Managing view

In Users panel you will see the list with users whom you give any permissions.

List of users.

Remove permissions

You can remove any permission you gave earlier. Just click the trash icon:

Delete users.