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Install your packages

Install your packages

Mercury Cloud is using separate container for each notebook, which comes with Python 3.9 and the following libraries preinstalled:

mercury mljar-supervised numpy pandas matplotlib seaborn altair vega_datasets plotly scikit-learn

Install public packages

You can also use other libraries in your notebook. You have to create a requirements.txt file with libraries names:


You can include versions of libraries:


Upload requirements.txt file

Please upload your requirements.txt file just like you do it with your notebook:

Upload files to mercury

Mercury will automatically read that file and will install all of your packages before opening the notebook.

Install private packages

You can use secrets in the requirements.txt file. You can also install packages from private github repositories. Please read about Secrets Management in our docs for more details.

For example you can install packages from github private repository.

Add GITHUB_TOKEN in Secrets

Please read github docs (opens in a new tab) to know how to get the github token and then add a new secret - GITHUB_TOKEN in Secrets.

Include requirements.txt file

Lastly, write this line in requirements.txt file.


Upload to Mercury Cloud

Please upload your notebook and requirements.txt file to Mercury Cloud.