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You can show your data in a better way in the Python notebook using Table (Mercury Widget).

Example code:

import mercury as mr
import pandas as pd
# Example DataFrame
df = pd.DataFrame(
        "name": ["Karol", "Szymon", "Piotr", "Ola"],
        "second name": ["Falkowski", "Niewiński", "Płoński", "Płońska"],
        "age": [20, 25, 38, 36],
mr.Table(data=df, width="200px", text_align="center")

Code explanation:

First step is installing needed packages:

  • pandas to create an example DataFrame
  • mercury to use Mercury Widget

Secondly, choose or create the DataFrame. Lastly, write a function with data and other parameters included.


  • data (string) is a name of DataFrame which you want to show in table. This is necessary parameter!
  • width (value) sets width of columns in table. You enter the value usign px and don't have to type it every time (it sets automatically)
  • text_align (string) sets align of text in cells. It could be: right, left or center (default value is center).


Jupyter Notebook code:

Jupyter Notebook code screenshot.


Finall result - table in Jupyter Notebook