API Docs


You can share notebooks publicly or with selected users.

Mercury Site can be shared as:

  • Public Site - all notebooks are available publicly,
  • Private Site - all notebooks are available only to users with access rights.

When developing locally with Mercury, there is a default Site created. It is public by default. There is a default user created with credentials:

  • username: developer@example.com
  • password: developer

You can edit default sharing parameters in Mercury Admin Panel.

Admin Panel

Please create a super-user account:

mercury createsuperuser

Please fill needed fields. You will login with username and password.

Navigate to to see the Admin Panel:

Login to Mercury Admin Panel

Edit Site

Please select Site unser ACCOUNTS, you should see screen like in the screenshot below:

Select Site to edit

Please click on Site ID and you will see Site details. Please change Share field and click SAVE in the bottom:

Set share to private for Mercury Site

Your Mercury Site is private now. Only authenticated users with proper rights will be able to access notebooks.

Add users

Adding a new user requires three steps:

  1. Please create a new user with username and password(after selecting Users in the left side bar).
  2. Please create Email address for new user. The address should be Verfied and Primary.
  3. Please create a Membership for new user by selecting a new user and Site.

Sorry if the whole process looks a little too complicated. We are working on Mercury Cloud service, that will serve UI dashboard for managing users and Sites.