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Share Notebooks

Share Notebooks with Mercury Cloud

It's the easiest way to share notebooks online. You will be able to create a website with few clicks. Deployment is as easy as file upload.

There is a generous free plan (called Starter) so you don't need credit card to start. Please check pricing website for details.

1. Setup account

Please create a new account at https://cloud.runmercury.com/register (opens in a new tab).

Create a new account at RunMercury.com

You should get e-mail with varification link. After e-mail verification please login.

2. Create first Site

You login for the first time. There are no Sites available, like in the screenshot below:

Empty Sites after first login at RunMercury.com

Please click Add Site to create first Site.

Create a new Site at RunMercury.com

The most important things to select here:

  • subdomain and domain - they will define your Site URL.
  • Share option, you can make your notebooks public or private (available only to invited users).

Click OK to add a new Site. You should see the Site information:

Site information at RunMercury.com

You can click on the Site URL addres to open fresh site in separate web tab. In my case it is:


When you navigate to the Site you will get basic view:

Fresh Site at RunMercury.com

3. Update Site

Please click Edit button to update your Site:

  • you can change your Site subdomain and domain,
  • you can change welcome message,
  • you can edit Site visibility.
Update Site

Click OK and you can refresh your Site to see changes.

4. Upload notebooks

Please click on Files in the top navigation. You should see empty view:

Empty files view

Click Upload files and upload selected notebooks:

Upload files

You can also upload:

  • requirements.txt file with required Python packages,
  • data files that are needed in notebooks.

If you upload requirements.txt file, then required Python packages are installed before your notebook is started.

5. Your notebooks are ready!

Please open your Site address and refresh it. You should see your notebooks:

Notebooks app


You notebooks are available to share with others 🎉🎉🎉