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Show and hide code in Jupyter Notebook Web App

You can control whether to show or hide code of your notebook in Mercury App. It is done by setting show_code argument when contructing App object.

Required packages

You need to install mercury package to run this example.


Please import required package in the first cell:

import mercury as mr

We will add Checkbox to control code visibility:

show_code = mr.Checkbox(value=True, label="Show code")

The widget will be displayed in the notebook. The next step, is to add app object:

app = mr.App(title="Show or hide code", 
             description="You can show and hide code in this app",

We setup:

  • title - will be used in the sidebar,
  • description - will be used in the home view,
  • show_code - control code visibility.

Let's add some example code:

print("Example code ...")

The screenshot with notebook's code in Jupyter Notebook:

Python notebook to show or hide code

Mercury App

Let's run Mercury in the same directory as our notebook:

mercury run

Please open web browser at address You should be able to open Mercury App. You can play with show_code checkbox:

Mercury App show or hide code