Hello World

Hello World in Jupyter Notebook and Mercury

Let's create a simple web app that asks user for name and display greetings.

During notebook development you can interact with widget. Its value will be updated. However, you need to manually execute cells to see a change.

Cells are automatically re-executed when running notebook as Mercury App. Mercury re-execute cell with widget definition and cells below.

Required packages

You will need mercury package for this example.


Import package:

import mercury as mr

Create a Text widget:

name = mr.Text(value="Piotr", label="What is your name?")

Print widget value:

print(f"Hello {name.value}")

Cell 2 and 3 will be automatically re-executed after widget update when running as Mercury App.

Please save notebook as hello-world.ipynb file. Mercury will set hello-world as web app title. If you want to set different title please check the App class.

The screenshot of code in the Jupyter Notebook:

Python notebook with Hello World example

Mercury App

Please start Mercury with the following command:

mercury run

Open web browser at address, you will see your notebooks. Please select card with your notebook. You can set name value and press Enter to see a change.

Mercury App with Hello World example