Create and display PDF

How to create and display PDF in Jupyter Notebook using Python

Create a PDF

You will need following packages:

  • reportlab allows to create a PDF etc.
  • mercury is a package for turning notebooks to web apps.

Make sure that you have installed them before start doing anything.

1. Import packages

First of all, you have to install required packages:

import mercury as mr
from reportlab.pdfgen import canvas

2. Create a file

Next, you have to create a PDF and name it.

pdf_file = canvas.Canvas("example.pdf")
  • pdf_file is a variable's name.
  • Canvas is a function which allows to create a PDF.
  • example.pdf is name which you would like to set to your file.

3. Add content

Then, it is time to add some content. You can add text by typing this code:

pdf_file.setFont("Helvetica", 50)
pdf_file.drawString(180, 750, "Welcome!")
  • setFont allows to set font family and size.
  • drawString - first two variables are responsible for margins and third one is a place where you have to type text.

4. Save file

After filling your file with content, you have to save it. It will create a file in the current directory and save it in your program's memory. Please use this code:


Display a PDF

All you have to do is add another cell and put in it this code:

  • PDF is a Mercury's widget which allows to display PDF files. Check our PDF docs to get more information.
  • example.pdf is name of file which you want to display


After all, your code should look like this:

Full code.

code to copy:

import mercury as mr
from reportlab.pdfgen import canvas
pdf_file = canvas.Canvas("example.pdf")
pdf_file.setFont("Helvetica", 50)
pdf_file.drawString(180, 750, "Welcome!")
pdf_file.setFont("Helvetica", 20)
pdf_file.drawString(40, 700, "This in an example Notebook")

And here is the result:

PDF display.

Share with other users

You will need an account on Mercury Cloud (opens in a new tab).

If you don't have account, please create it.

Create a site

You have to create site. If you have any problems with it, get more information in our docs.

Upload files

Then, you need to upload your PDF. Click Upload files button on your site dashboard.

From site dashboard to uploadfiles.

Next, you have to upload 2 files:

  • notebook where you create and display a PDF
  • requirements.txt file because you need not built-in package. Check how to create such a file here.

Share your site

After all, it should look like this:

PDF on your Web App.

Now you can share your site with other users!