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Turn Jupyter Notebook into Website in 3 minutes

Would you like to quickly turn your Python notebook into static website? It is very easy with Mercury framework.

You need to do simple 3 steps:

  1. Install Mercury framework.
  2. Add code cell with App object and set static_notebook=True in constructor.
  3. Run notebook in Mercury.

1. Install Mercury

You can read more here about different ways to install Mercury package.

The easiest way is to run:

pip install mercury 

2. Set App object with static_notebook=True

Please open the notebook that you would like to convert to a static website. You need to add following code in it:

import mercury as mr
# configure App properties
app = mr.App(title="Static notebook", description="Display static notebook", static_notebook=True)

Please set static_notebook=True - it will do the magic!

Example notebook

Python notebook with App static_notebook=True

3. Run Mercury

The last step is to run Mercury Server. Please run the following command:

mercury run

You should see in the web browser at address a website like in the image below:

Mercury Home View with one static notebook

In the above screenshot only one notebook is served. Please click in the notebook title and you will see selected notebook website:

Mercury with static notebook

You can download notebook as PDF or HTML format.

Additional notes

  • You can share as many notebooks as you want in Mercury (see docs).
  • You can easily customize welcome message in the home view.
  • If you want to show notebook code, please add show_code=True in App constructor.